Have you harnessed the power of Facebook ads yet? If you’re like most of us, you’ve been running ads to promote your page, boost your website posts, creating app download ads and more. If you’ve dabbled in this area, you most likely have realized that creating the right ad for conversions can be tricky. Running ads even just to boost posts or obtain Facebook likes for you page can cost you extra money if not done right.

One of the things that help you get in front of the right audience is using Power Editor to upload your email list. Creating ads that target those on your email list tends to have a higher conversion rate because these people already know you and your services. I use this for clients when a client launches a certain product to their email list; we’ll upload the sames sales funnel to that email list in the form of a Facebook ad for extra branding.

Another way to market to a list of people that know you and your brand is to your LinkedIn connections. This list of people are the people who are already connected to you on LinkedIn. There a lot of nice things to having an email list of LinkedIn connections – it allows you to have a personal way to keep in touch with them. I like using this list to showcase my page “like” campaign to them. This is a nice way to promote your business in front of the same audience on Facebook. It’s not intrusive and allows people to make their own decisions to follow or not follow your company updates. I’ve had great success with Facebook page promotion campaigns this way.

Some people will use this list automatically for their email marketing campaigns. I’m not a big fan of this use unless you are extremely personal with your list and you’ve done your research to segment the list prior to use. Using this list to send just anything out to them is a waste of time to both of you. They will not appreciate it because remember, they never opt’d in to your list to begin with. If you just send out to this list your newsletters without doing the extra work – you run the risk of being flagged to the detriment of your relationship with your email service provider and your account.

How To Get Your LinkedIn Connections To Opt’In:

One of the nicer ways around being flagged with this list is to create a campaign specific to this group ASKING them if they’d like to opt’in to your list. Tell them why you thought of them, what valuable information they will find in your newsletters and let them know unless they opt’in, this email will be the only one they receive from you. It’s a great way to get people to opt’in to your email list and continue to be readers of your newsletter.

Whatever you do – I highly suggest you don’t send out an email newsletter to your LinkedIn list of emails unless you’ve done this campaign first.

How To Export Your LinkedIn Connections Emails:

Showing you how to do this is easier than typing it all out – so I created the following video for you watch step-by-step how to download your LinkedIn Connection’s emails and export those emails to a .csv file.

Can’t see this embedded video? You can watch directly on YouTube here: Export LinkedIn Emails Video

There you have it – a quick way to get extra promotion for your product or business in front of those that already know who you are. Do you have other suggestions? Is there something else that worked for you in the past? We’d like to