How To Embed A Facebook Video On Your Blog

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embed video
Happy 10th Anniversary Facebook! Did everyone get that great video montage of your photos and posts that you shared over the years? If not – you can get your own copy here: (Assuming you have a Facebook Profile)

Did you know you can embed that video in a blog post or on your website? You CAN! In fact, you not only can embed that video … but all your videos that you upload to Facebook. Notice how the video can be played right here on your website and in a blog post in the example below? Nice right?


How to embed a Facebook Video:

  • Click on any video in Facebook
  • Hoover your mouse on the video to see the share options show up at the bottom
  • Select “Options”
  • Select “Embed Post” option
  • Highlight and copy the code provided to you at the very top of the new window with the post preview
  • Copy that code onto your website or into a blog post.

You now have an embedded video on your blog / website. NOTE: This will only work for videos or photos that have the public privacy option. If the video is restricted in privacy any other way … you may not be able to embed the post, photo or video.

You can also embed a video from the post itself if you see it in a news feed by using the dropdown box in the top right hand corner. (hover your mouse over the video, post or photo to get the dropdown box) See example below:

embed video

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