How To Create a YouTube Channel Introduction Video


YouTube has a great new feature for YouTube channels, it’s called the Channel introduction video. What is a YouTube channel introduction video? Stick around, we’re here to help.

What is a YouTube Channel Introduction Video?

Very simply, this video is created to introduce new people to your YouTube channel! It’s something we highly recommend doing if you do a lot of video work. This video is shown to all new or unsubscribed visitors who come to your channel to watch your videos. It’s a brief … (brief is key) overview of why someone would want to subscribe to your YouTube channel!

What makes a Good YouTube Channel Intro Video?

There are so many great examples of YouTube channel intros – but I listed one of my favorite ones below for you to view. Meet Evan … the 8 year old who makes $1.3 million a year reviewing toys, doing science projects and creating a fun family friendly environment with his YouTube channel.

Tips for creating a great YouTube Channel Introduction Video?

These tips are directly from the YouTube Video Academy, they know what works, so absorb the great information!

  • — Assume the viewer has never heard of you. Introduce them to what you have and tell them why they should subscribe.
  • — Keep it short. You should be able to pitch the great things about your channel to a new viewer quickly. It should tell your visitors who you are, what your content is like, and when they can expect new uploads.
  • — Hook your viewers in the first few seconds.
  • — Show, don’t tell. If you’re a comedy channel, make your trailer funny. If you’re an extreme sports channel, incorporate a trick into your video. Your channel trailer is your elevator pitch to potential subscribers, so think, how you can convince first-time viewers to subscribe.
  • — Ask viewers to subscribe in your video and with annotations.Your trailer will also automatically have an end card when the video finishes, giving the audience an easy way to subscribe.
  • — Using a recently uploaded video may not show the breadth of your talent in a single shot, so make that channel trailer communicate to potential fans what your channel is made of!

One last tip … if you’ve created your introduction video … DO NOT GEO-TAG it and make sure you have the Channel trailer view enabled. Not sure where to start this process? Click here for help from Google –> Set up your channel trailer here!

Have you done a intro trailer? Would love to see it … leave us link in the comments below!

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  • Abba Elijah

    Thanks for sharing this info. I apprecite it a lot !

  • Kimberly Scanlon

    Thank you, Jennifer! This was very helpful 🙂

    • Jennifer Stinnett

      Glad it helped Kimberly! Send me a link when your video is done – would love to see it!

  • Concerned

    Why does your link to other great examples go to the following youtube video ?

    Go beyond creating a 6 Figure income and LIVE a 6 Figure lifestyle!

    You have a really good article here.. why would you do that and ruin it ?

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