follow businesses on twitter

You use twitter and want to integrate your website or blog with your twitter account by allowing people to easily follow you. Let’s talk about how that works, why you should use it and best practices for using those buttons!

Twitter buttons for your website – What are they?

The Tweet button allows everyone who comes to your website or blog an easy/quick way to share the webpage they’re viewing with all of their followers. Clicking the Tweet button provides them with a pre-populated Tweet containing a link to that webpage, which you can customize before sending.

Twitter buttons for your blog / website – Why use them?
This is extremely helpful to you and the end user. It’s all along the lines of what we talk about at eJenn Solutions which is to “make it easy for me” (the end user). Anytime you can create a way for people to easily share your information – you’ve won the “Make It Easy For Me” strategy. In essence – always make your content easy for the end user to share. Twitter buttons accomplish this task.

How to embed a twitter button on your blog or website
Well how easy is this? Twitter has created an easy way to create your Twitter buttons – you can start by clicking here: Create your Twitter Button

  1. Customize your Tweet button by choosing one of the pre-populated text for the message.
  2. Confirm which Twitter accounts you’d like to suggest to users.
  3. The main account you specify will become an @mention in the Tweet. (Pro Tip: Log into the Twitter account prior to creating your button – this way the username of whichever account you’re currently logged into will be automatic to the button you are creating.)
  4. Copy and paste the code into the HTML of your website wherever you would like the button to appear.

That’s it!

What are Twitter Button implementation Best Practices?

Keep the buttons near the top of pages for easy following. If you are using the share button – you’ll want to place that button after each blog post or points you want people to share and consider sharing. Did you notice the #Hashtag Twitter button? We LOVE that … if you are a company with a branded hashtag campaign – what an easy and fun way to help people easily spread the hashtag love. Remember – hashtags are not registered trademarks and can be used by anyone … so think wisely about your hashtag button uses.

There you have it … Twitter buttons for your blog or website … easy to use, easy to embed and easy to tweet!