How are you doing on your videos this year?! We hope you’re adding a “Subscribe to our channel” clickable link to all those videos. We want people to subscribe to your channel so they’ll get new notifications of new videos from you!

How to add a clickable “Subscribe” link to Your YouTube Videos:

  • — Go into your Video Manager
  • — Select edit of the video you want to add the link to
  • — Select “annotations” in the top menu bar
  • — Click “add a annotation” –> Select “Note”
  • — Type in your veribage into the “note” section
  • — Decide your “start” and “end” time of where you want the link to appear in the video
  • — Move the “note” box around to the place you wish it to appear in the video
  • — CheckMark “Link”
  • — Select “subscribe” in the dropdown box to the right of “link”
  • — Place your YouTube channel ID in the box below “link”
  • — Checkmark the box “open in a new window” so people stay on your original video

…. and your done!

Watching the video takes a few moments and will go into detail and you can stop it each time you need to move on to a new task. It works with you.

How to find your YouTube Channel ID:

  • — Go into your YouTube settings
  • — Select “advanced” under your account name
  • — Mid-way down the information, you will find your Channel ID!

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This process is also in the above video starting at 1:16 in the video or you can click Here to jump to that portion!