How Social Is Your Email Campaign?

emailWhen I (Jennifer Stinnett) started with the web back in the day … responding to customers was the big topic. What do we say, how do we use the information, how long do we contact them… (yes .. WAY back in the day) What we realized back then was that we needed to be more efficient at electronically keeping in touch with people, talking to people and helping people. We didn’t have facebook, twitter, myspace or YouTube. We had email.

So getting back to my “roots” here is a list of retorical questions to ask yourself as you work on your own Social Media business plans … how social is your email?

1. Are you thinking of your audience in your emails? (how are they viewing what you are saying? Can they use what you are sending?)

2. How customized are your emails? (does it promote a similiar item they bought? does it showcase accessories to their recent purchase – not just showcasing what you have a large stock of that needs to be reduced?)

3. Have you made it easy for them to contact someone at your firm? (phone numbers, hours, locations, emails, responses)

4. Can they reply back to your email and get a response?

5. Do you thank them?

6. Do you follow up with those that have made purchases?

7. When you say you’ll follow up with them? do you?

8. Are you watching how people come to your site? Watching what topics people select and then using your email newsletter to go into more detail on that subject?

9. Are you asking for suggestions? Issues? advice?

10. Are you providing ways for them to become a part of your brand community making them loyal and loving your customer service?

11. Do you showcase customers, promoting them, their company and how they used (are using) your product or service?

Just some things to think about…

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