Question from a reader:

“I have a quick question. Is there a way to aggregate or get notifications of when our clients (ABC Firm) post articles on LinkedIn or even FB? I’ve asked Hootsuite if they have this feature, but they do not. I’ve done a little research but have come up with nothing. I wasn’t sure if one of your posts may have included how to do this at one time. Thanks so much!”
-Sandra P


There is no real good way to do what you are asking other than monitoring the accounts. However, when you engage with those people on LlinkedIn – they will become priority in your newsfeeds when they post, so that helps.

On Facebook, you can “like” the company page as your company page … then all their posts will show up in the company page newsfeed and you can interact. (look at the company page admin menu to the right side of your page)

If you want to manage things more closely – you can check out or if you want to get more creative – create a group and encourage your clients to post their articles in that so everyone has an opportunity to share and read. ;)

Create a group on Facebook or LinkedIn and keep the group closed:

Ask your clients to share their upcoming specials and share links to their current blog posts. It’s also a nice way to have them let you know if they have any media mentions or press releases. Having a group where everyone can share everyone’s content and get excited for accomplishments can have great advantages for everyone! PLUS … you just started building a little community around your business!

Those are my thoughts – now decide what works for your business and your time. Not every great sounding idea will work with time budgets, so think carefully about the time you have to devote to that project.

We love getting questions from readers! Leave a comment below if you have one … and we may create a blog post about your question!