google my business listing

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business pages have been around for a while.  It’s a free business listing on Google, that when created, allows a business to show up on searches and maps! We have been big supporters of this type of social listing with our clients way back when it was first launched as Google+ Local pages.  A lot has changed over the years.  With the complete ending of Google+ and all those posts/pages being archived, what’s next? Introducing GMB (Google My Business)

If you are a subscriber to our newsletter, then you received our “Google+ is dead” email a few newsletters ago. That’s when we told you about the ending of Google plus and it’s complete demise April 2nd. (Did you miss that newsletter? – sign up here to stay in the know!)

What Does Google My Business Listings Mean For You?

Well if you read what was in that newsletter you know already that I talked about having a Google my business page. It’s the perfect page for brick and mortar / local businesses. It provides excellent exposure on a local basis. With that said, there are 3 primary factors to what Google uses to determine rankings for search inquiries and how your business will show up, they are:  Relevance, Distance and Prominence.

On Google My Business pages, you have the ability of doing customized posts on the page that will show up in your page info right on Google Page one!  (Read our blog post with a “how to” video that will help you curate your first post.)

You can create posts about your company with calls to action such as:

  • Book
  • Order Online
  • Buy
  • Learn More
  • Sign up
  • Call Now

Each post must be done manually by logging into your Google My Business page. At the time of this post writing, there is no third-party application that will post or let you schedule a post to Google My Business. However, GMB posts stay active on average for 6 to 7 days once it is published.

Types of Posts You Can Create in Google My Business Listings;

  • What’s New – these posts last for up to 6 to 7 days on pages and allow for a nice call to action button.
  • Events – these post last up to the day of the event and can include a call to action for the event.
  • Products – these posts have not seen expiration dates. See below for possible use in “sold here” snippets.
  • Offers – these would last for the time frame you allowed the offer to exist when creating it.

What types of posts work best?  It’s important to remember, algorithms always change, so what we notice and report here, can easily change in the coming months, as we stated before, always check your insights.

Here are some great Google My Business post ideas that will win out your competition:

  • Be consistent! – We have noticed that if a post hasn’t gone up on GMB pages in some time, it takes a while for a fresh posts to gain traction again … so make sure you have something fresh and new up on your page! As always, Google loves fresh content and it’s no different on these pages.
  • Upcoming Events! – Keep people informed of events, this can even be seasonal events with products, services that are only available at certain times of the year. Example: “Try our spring smoothies – only available in March!” Or “Re-seed your lawn for a beautiful summer, special prices available only in April!” … and so on.
  • Location! – If your business is near a main attraction – tell people! Example (near a stadium): “After the game, walk 2 minutes over to our bar – winning team jersey wearers get X% off their first appetizer”!
  • Offers – this can be good for people finding you for the first time via search. Take a look at your Google My Business page insights for those searches your page is showing up for … take advantage of that knowledge and provide an offer!

Now let’s talk about the snippets and how everything above, plays into how your business listing is seen by the person searching.

What are Google My Business page snippets?
There are a few types of snippets that organically show up under your business listing.  Snippets are generated automatically by Google.  These snippets add an extra layer of visual interest that can put your business on a searcher’s radar!  Here are the different snippets we see showing up:

    • Sold Here: This indicates what items you are selling.  Make sure that you use the “product” posting option as we (in theory) hope this is where Google selects the “sold here” items. It;s also been said reviews that mention products can be picked up for this section and icon addition too!

    • Their Website Mentions: Indicates key phrases pertaining to your search that are also located on your website

    • Review Mentions: You may see certain phrases or snippets of customer reviews that are shown in your listing.  Knowing this … try to ask customers to leave specific reviews about the product or service they used.

There are 2 ways Google My Business pages show up on Google Search.  The pack in Google searches and on the map listing. (shown below) In fact, your insights will show you this exact number of views to your Google My Business Page in the insights section.


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