google plus for branding pagesSome new developments to share with everyone regarding Google+ Branding pages. They now allow the brand to interact with personal individuals. Previously, this was set up the same as Facebook; only branding pages could interact with other branding pages. Now, it seems Google has allowed branding pages to interact with individual profiles. THIS is a step up from Facebook in our opinion. It will be interesting to see the limits Google rolls out to prevent branding pages from “spamming” individuals (let’s face it … there will be over zealous marketers out there). This feature will be great for companies and opens up more possibilities for engagement.

The other interesting feature that is about to be rolled out is the ability to have Google Analytics tied to your Google + page. You’ll be able to see what’s shared, how many times and who is sharing your information. You can take a sneak peak at how things will look by clicking this link to the Google+ Measure page.

Previously, we’ve suggested to clients to get on board early last year. Not only is Google+ great for content, but it’s now becoming more important in the SEO game as well. Not to mention the previous change of Google Places becoming Google+ local (have you converted your page yet?)

Starting the year off right with Google+ will now allow you to find, listen and interact with people for business lead generation. However, this is a SOCIAL platform so the art of social marketing will be fun!