Google + and YouTube Integrate!

I have always been a big supporter of Google+, from a profile standpoint and from a business page standpoint. It was easy to see how the integration of social interations into a search medium could potentially be huge personally and business wise.

Interesting changes happened awhile back with YouTube integrating more deeply into Google+ profiles. It seems that all Google platforms are being integrated into each other slowly over time. Have you been using Google+ to share videos? Well – you might want to see how your comments, +1’s and video shares are being shown across the web!

In my opinion … videos have never done well on Facebook. Facebook is it’s own platform source itself and videos from Facebook are not easily shared outside of the platform. YouTube however, has always been easily shared everywhere. YouTube videos on Facebook never seem to get any nice organic reach … or at least the same reach as uploading the video directly to Facebook itself.

I did a quick test on my personal sites to show a bit of the success sharing a video on Google+ has over sharing it on Facebook and potentially what it means for you to share your videos!

Here is a post that I shared on Facebook and you’ll see the latest interactions.

I shared the same post on my Google+ profile with the following results (timing of capture within 1 min. apart)


As you can see it’s been quite a hit. Same content, but I suspect a greater reach organically. Both posts are public posts … I do have a few more “followers” on Google+ than Facebook – but I really don’t attribute the sharing to that. Hashtags do help and typically, anything with animals also goes over well content wise.

The other item that is interesting with the YouTube and Google+ integraion is that your Google+ shares and comments are directly shown with the video you shared. You can see how that works on the same video here:

showing activity on YouTube

This has generated some extra exposure for my personal G+ profile on YouTube. This exposure on 2 highly visable platforms came form 1 share/post. It’s also being efficient with networking – as long as you remember the comment goes to both platforms! This should (hopefully) also cut down on some of the negative comments (a problem of the past) as you must have a Gmail / Google+ account to comment on YouTube. I’ve noticed just sharing videos on Google+ from YouTube have generated some nice +1’s and comments that again … promote me and my profile.

Using your branding page – you can create this same exposure for your business. Start sharing videos that relate to your business, network with other businesses who are sharing their videos on YouTube. Do you own a bakery? Watch, share and +1 local birthday party videos, local events and so on…. make sure you network locally on social platforms. I would highly encourage you to do it via Google+ local, business pages and even personal profiles!

If you’re looking for ways to generate more leads for your local business, I can help! You can connect with me directly or working with me through Google via Google Helpouts

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