geroge takei bookI’m sure by now if you’ve spent any time on Facebook you’ve seen the smiling face of George Takei pop up at some point in your newsfeed. You either are a fan of his page or your sphere of friends are and they’re sharing his posts with you. You can’t avoid him, he’ll be there to brighten your day with a funny post.

How does Mr. Takei obtain so many shares, so many likes and so many people subscribing to his page? It’s a million dollar question with a simple answer. He doesn’t set out to sell and simply wants to share the fun he’s found on the web. Yet, Mr. Takei is a published author, actor, entrepreneur … and I’m sure the list goes on. Even more interesting is that Mr. Takei is 75 years old. Proving that social media can be dona at any age.

I decided to pick up his book Oh Myyy! (There Goes The Internet) and see what insights he has on social media and specifically, Facebook. After taking a week to read his book, he nailed it. It’s the things we’ve been trying to get across to clients.

The new and rather interesting segment of the book talks about paying for promoted ads and obtaining “likes” on Facebook. I found his insights refreshing and what a lot of us in the social media world are trying to figure out. Why are we paying for “likes” from Facebook and then paying again to promote our posts to make sure those following actually see it. It’s a great question and one we all need to consider as we go into 2013.

I highly suggest everyone picking up this book. The thoughts and outcomes of the George Takei brand are spot on. The book is an entertaining read and I think you’ll understand Facebook in a much easier to follow way …. plus … it’s George Takei talking to you!