Yes … I’m on the Google+ soap box again! With good reason!

All of our clients are active on Google+ and the results are paying of! Google keeps implementing new ways to increase exposure and they are doing it well!

If you are a user of Gmail – you’ve probably noticed that when another gmail user sends you an email … their G+ profile and last post there shows up to the right in your inbox like the example below!

gmail google plus profile


Take a look at this example from Starbuck’s email to me:


google+ branding page in inbox

Notice how Starbuck’s branding page shows up prior to Google Ads on the right hand side of the inbox? Like the fact that the latest post (and a post to their website) shows too?

Can’t afford those expensive PPC campaigns? I think you can easily see the great value of having a Google+ page set up and kept up with current information!

Things to think about:

  • Are you sending out newsletters to people with Gmail accounts?
  • Are you sending Customer Service emails to clients with Gmail accounts?
  • Are your new prospect inquires using Gmail accounts?

Interesting stats to consider:

  • In 2012 Gmail calculated over 425 million users (resource: The Verge)
  • A third of Gmail users have opted into marketing databases in the past 12 months, compared to 21 percent or less for the other three major providers. (Resource: YesMail Marketing Study)
  • ” … Gmail, with its sometimes controversial practices, accounts for close to 15 percent of all database subscribers and, moreover, boasts the most engaged subscriber base,” said Michael Fisher, President of YesMail (Resource: )

So when thinking of your current content and social media strategies … it’s very important to consider where your content is showing up, how to be effective in all your efforts and increase traffic to your site!

Want to get that box to show up for your business in Gmail in-boxes? We’d love to help!