Once you let us k now you want to begin, we set-up a discovery session.  In this session we go over your social sites, past work online and we learn more about your business.

If you opt for our premium services – our team will do an extensive audit and create a full strategy with editorial calendar.

If you are on the Easy Social Media plan, we create the sites and types of content to post in our discovery session – so your approval is already provided before we start posting.

For our premium services, we have an editorial calendar created prior to each month for you to review and approve for posting.

We typically find that most people want us to move forward with posting on their behalf as time to review can create more time for you. We’re here to make your marketing efforts easier – and we’re pretty good at it after 11 years!

Yes, however we ask for at least 3 months to see full benefits when just starting. We also ask for a 30 day termination notice as we’re typically working a few weeks ahead of your monthly billing.
Each package is different – but we stay close to 10 posts a month.  Packages like Pinterest, Google My Business and Instagram do have different posting amounts – but you can easily look at our table of work here: https://www.ejennsolutions.com/do-social-media-for-me/

On our premium services, the number of posts is contingent on the strategy, your budget and content deliverables.

No, for our Easy Social Media packages, there are no contracts.  This is a subscription plan.  You can cancel at any time, but we ask for a 30 day courtesy notice as we work a few weeks ahead of each month to keep your account active and current.
No, we do have add-on services that are one time fees for different things you may need.  Example, we offer some graphic creation services for your accounts that will be a one-time fee if needed.  We also do charge a nominal one-time set -up fee to cover our discovery session time with you and the time it takes for our staff to set-up your accounts with us.
We discover content to share your behalf and find content based on our discovery session together.  We will also help you come up with ideas to take photos, create videos and blogs that we can share on your social sites.

Don’t have time to create videos, blogs and photos?  We have add-on services to help with content creation.  In our premium services – our strategy plans include content ideas and implementation.

We have a service that will help you create (and create them correctly optimized for best results) your accounts.  This is an extra one time fee.  It’s a quick service and easily allows you to get started with your social media efforts.

If you have accounts already set-up – you’re good to go!  Can’t get into your accounts or know how to get your account information?  We have a concierge service to help you figure out your accounts.

Please feel free to reach out to us with your question here and we’ll get back to you shortly.  Or if you wish – reach out to us by phone at 407-750-7198.  Faster yet?  See that “Hello” button to your right?  Click it and a team member will respond!