Facebook Posts – How are they doing?

Just thought I would do a quick blog post / Facebook tip for everyone! Have you wondered how each of your Facebook posts do once you post your content on your Facebook Business Page? You might see the likes, the shares and the comments … but what is your reach, viral component of each like and how well does each post do when it’s promoted?

Here is a quick tip for you! See the attached screen shot below? This is a great quick shot view of how each of your posts is doing (did do) on the Facebook landscape. Note that it also will show you your most popular post too!

stats for facebook promoted post

Of course the old standby of Insights helps with more details — but this gives you a nice quick view.

One final other little Facebook tip … that “most popular post” Facebook shows you in that section? Remember it! Your page peeps like the content in that post … so give them more of what they like!

Hope this little tip helps you on Facebook!

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