Facebook Live Stats That Will Surprise You!

In the beginning, live streaming was about sharing on-the-spot content and favorite moments. It worked quite well for this purpose and still does. Live videos have also taken on a new role in marketing. They’ve become a powerful tool to reach your target audience.

Reasons You Need to Use Facebook Live Video

  1. Facebook has more than 2 billion daily active users (more than any other social site)
  2. 85% of Facebook’s daily users come from outside the US and Canada – a great opportunity to expand your reach
  3. People spend an average of 35 minutes per day on Facebook
  4. 400 new users sign up for Facebook every minute
  5. Everyone on Facebook is no more than 3.5 degrees separated (even Keven Bacon!)
  6. Facebook gets an average of more than 8 billion daily video views
  7. 85% of Facebook users watch videos with the sound off
  8. 20% of Facebook videos are live stream
  9. 47% of the value of Facebook video ads happens in the first 3 seconds
  10. 80% of potential customers state they’d rather watch a video than read about a brand
  11. live video are watched up to 3x more than traditional video posts
  12. by 2021, the live streaming industry could reach as much as $70.05 Billion (yes with a “b”)
  13. 63% of millennials watch and/or create live content
  14. the phrase “Facebook live stream” has risen 330% as a search term since its initial rollout

What Content You Should Live Stream

Being popular on live stream isn’t just about doing it. It’s about what you stream. While every video must fit into your overall marketing strategy, funny/entertaining videos and breaking news are the most watched content. Try live streaming from events or use them to announce produce releases/updates. Live stream videos are also a great way to show off behind the scenes action, demo content, or conduct interviews with employees or partners. Get interactive on your live stream with a Q&A to help develop a relationship with your audience.

Track Your Engagement

Just like any other post, you can track the engagement of your Facebook live stream videos. You’ll want to look at overall engagement, but even more importantly, you’ll want to look at retention. If viewers are dropping off after a few minutes, consider interacting with them more early on. Also look at shares and other actions. Each of those helps boost your video after the live stream is over and ensure you reach as many viewers as possible.

If you’re not currently using live stream videos as part of your social media strategy, it’s time to start – contact us to help you develop a Facbeook Live Strategy here!





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