Facebook addresses fake news (and really click bait issues too) with their new photo, headline and description change coming up on July 17th! You’ll no longer be able to customize your posts and others won’t as well.

If you haven’t already heard or made your web developer aware, Facebook is making some changes to the ability to change out the photo in your posts. This is in an effort to “eliminate a channel that has been abused to post false news.” (you can read their full blog post by clicking that link)  Below is what you need to  know.

How This Facebook Change Affects You and Your Business

This change will only affect personal profiles and groups right now. It will not happen on Facebook Business pages YET! … but change is coming my friends. So get your sites fixed and updated!

Why is this important? When you spend time and money creating content for your site – you want people to easily share that content to their social sites.

My 3 Point Criteria for great content:

  • — Create content that’s interesting or needed
  • — Make sure you have good visual appeal
  • — Make it easy for them to share

They will share your content if they like your content, it includes some great visual appeal and … if you make it easy for them to share. If photos from your blogs or other areas of your site do not populate in a preview well or easily … they will  likely not share that article or content.

Here is an example:

When someone shares this link on Facebook – the following is what the Facebook post will look like:

Right now, you can change that picture preview so that same post looks something like this:

Not really a good image to go with that post is it – unless you have been working with Open Graph (most small businesses do not).  Looking at the above post where I changed the image – you can see how images can be used to create a misleading idea or something that was not originally intended.

With the changes, you’ll no longer have the ability to change the image, headline or description – which is great for all of us who work hard at creating great content. Where this becomes a problem is if your site does not work with Facebook well and the following happens when you or someone tries to post your content to Facebook

Example of not having your site work with Facebook preview and no image:

Not very exciting is it?


Here’s the information link to send to your developer or website peeps: Facebook Photo Preview Code.

If you don’t have a Website person to help you with this change – contact us for a list of businesses we refer to our clients!

As always … make things easy and interesting for people so they want to share your content! … easily of course! Content on my friends!