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Jennifer Stinnett Orlando FloridaI might be the only online marketer who can say this: I once closed five real estate deals on MySpace (yes, MySpace).

Hi, I’m Jennifer Stinnett, founder and CEO of eJenn Solutions. I didn’t start out as a digital marketer with a social media marketing company; I just found that I had a knack for it! Years ago I was working for a real estate company, one of the first to market homes online. As manager, I was placed charge of the brand-new “e-commerce” department which I built it from the ground up. I organized it and came up with the strategy for sales and lead generation.

That was when I got into social media, because it was “free” marketing. At the time MySpace was the up-and-coming social network.  I started marketing our real estate offerings on Myspace. Before long I closed five deals on MySpace. It was a new frontier and I realized my newfound skills in demand. My program was so successful that I was asked to train other agents to share my secrets and spread my online marketing mojo.

Soon other businesses were asking me to help them market online. Social media marketing was so new, no one had any idea what they were doing, or how to go about doing it. As demand for my services grew, and my success at navigating online landscapes, I started my own company, eJenn Solutions.

How I Can Help With Managed Social Media?

Because I’ve been here since the beginning. I’ve watched social media and online marketing in general evolve over the years.  I’ve evolved with it. Social media marketing moves at the speed of light and getting too locked into one way of doing things can spell disaster.

To be successful you have to pay attention to what your audience responds to – or not – and adjust your strategy accordingly. That’s what I do. It’s how I work. I watch trends, keep up on top the latest news, and keep an eye on the analytics. If something isn’t working, we switch it up right away.

Though my services are sold as a package, I give personal attention and customization to each client. I take the time to figure out your strengths and weaknesses, then look at where you are (and where you want to go). Whether you’re just starting out with your online marketing, or you need a completely customized plan.  Successful social media marketing should grow with your company – and it doesn’t have to break your budget.

At the end of the day, people struggle with translating real-life marketing skills into online marketing. They’re fundamentally different.

I fell in love with online marketing a long time ago. Now I’m a little older, a lot wiser, and even more effective at my job. If you find yourself struggling to market your business online, let’s talk!

For a full background overview of Jennifer and recommendations, please stop over at her LinkedIn Profile: Jennifer Stinnett’s LinkedIn Profile


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