internet love, love your websiteAs I see clients become successful on Facebook, there is an interesting switch that I see happen. They become so excited at the new fanbase and seem to focus on all aspects of their new found “likers” on their business pages. We’re always excited to see Facebook pages take off, but I always say “remember your website? … where your product and service is”? Remember spending a lot of money to get it up and running?

It’s easy to get distracted by all the social sites and all the information out there. New sites coming up, the latest “buzz” about the “you should be here” posts pop up in your newsfeeds. I’d like to remind you that your main focus however should still be your website. Play a hypothetical game: What would happen to your business if Facebook or other social site no longer existed? Would you still have your connections and contacts? Keep them at the online real estate that you own … your website.

When I talk to clients for the first time, I always mention that social sites should be like a net that captures prospective candidates/clients, but ultimately funnels them down to your website. The website that has your content, your information, your product, your services! This is why you want people to notice you!

Social Media is a great social place, but don’t forget to keep content going on your websites. You should have a blog going to keep your SEO and information flow about you/your company on search sites. Fresh and interesting content is always the best to share on social sites.

Stay tuned as my next article will feature some ways to make writing blog posts, coming up with content, and an efficient process to syndicate it all of it!