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If you own a brick-and-mortar business and someone drives past in July only to see “Happy New Year” signs they’re going to keep on driving thinking that you’ve gone out of business.

The same can be said for websites and your social media marketing. Online customers are constantly searching for new information, new ways to connect with your brand, and ways to be inspired. They want to see what your business is about before they engage in person with you.

eJenn Solutions, a premier social media management and marketing company, wants to make sure your brand is connecting with those customers on a regular basis, so you can create a stronger, more consistent 2-way relationship.

Keeping Social Media Fresh and Exciting

When you’re busy running a business, it can be challenging to find or create consistent content that your audience wants to see, hear, or read; especially when you’re trying to balance brand, customer, and personal needs.

That’s why we’re offering full-service social media management packages that help fortify your business plan and your customer connectivity every day, every week, and every month—all through the year.

In fact, we provide a full gamut of customizable social media marketing solutions to fit every platform, funnel, and strategy, including:

  • Daily, Hand-Selected Posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Other Social Platforms
  • Ad Management for Facebook and Twitter
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization
  • Real-Time Customer Interactions
  • Holiday and Relevant Social Activity Postings
  • YouTube Video Optimizing and Uploading
  • Branded Content and Graphics
  • Newsletters, Blog Posts, and Opt-In Funnel Creation
  • And so much more!

Building Consumer Confidence

People are looking for brands they can trust and that provide them with consistent content that matters to their lives, shopping habits, and needs.

When you choose one of our four in-depth, highly-customizable packages to cultivate these relationships, you will not only free up more time to focus on your business, your family, or your customer needs, you’ll turn more potential customers into brand advocates.

Schedule a complementary 15-minute consultation today and let us show you how you can save money, time, and effort by having us cultivate, create, and distribute fresh, exciting content across your sites and social media platforms.

Check below for monthly service plans.

Consistent Business Branding

$215Monthly (Post Only)
  • ✓  Post on Facebook (10/month)
  • ✓  Posts on Twitter (10/month)
  • ✓  Posts on LinkedInCompanyPage (10/month)
  • ✓  Non-Branded holiday postson social sites

Local / Visual Business Branding

$435Monthly (Post Only)
  • ✓  Post on Facebook (10/month)
  • ✓  Posts on Twitter (10/month)
  • ✓  Posts on LinkedIn CompanyPage (10/month)
  • ✓  Non-Branded holiday postson social sites
  • ✓  4 Posts Monthly on GoogleMy Business
  • ✓  1 Weekly Instagram Post(4/month)

Visual Centered Business Branding

$6553 Month Contract
  • ✓  Post on Facebook (10/month)
  • ✓  Posts on Twitter (10/month)
  • ✓  Posts on LinkedIn CompanyPage (10/month)
  • ✓  Branded holiday posts on social sites
  • ✓  4 Posts Monthly on GoogleMy Business
  • ✓  2-3 Posts Weekly on Instagram(branded graphics)
  • ✓ Branded graphics created forall social site platforms

Outsourced Marketing Team

$1000 +
  • ✓  Posts on Facebook (includes engagement)
  • ✓  Posts on Twitter (includes engagement)
  • ✓  Posts on LinkedIn Company Page (
    includes engagement)
  • ✓  Branded holiday posts on social
  • ✓  4 Posts Monthly on Google My
    Business(includes engagement)
  • ✓  2-3 Posts Weekly on Instagram
    (branded graphics)
  • ✓  Branded graphics all social site
  • ✓  YouTube Video optimizing
    / uploading
  • ✓  Pins and boards on
  • ✓  Newsletters
  • ✓  Blog Posts + Blog
  • ✓  Facebook Ads
  • ✓  Twitter Ads
  • ✓  Strategy with a quarterly
  • ✓  SEO
  • ✓  eBook/download Creation
  • ✓  Opt’in Funnel Creation
  • ✓  Newsletter opt-in strategies
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