google+ local pages


One of the confusing things on Google Plus for people is the difference between a Google+ Local page and a Google+ branding page. Which one should you have and which one is better for your business?

Google+ Local pages: These are pages that should be created for anyone that has a physical (brick and mortar) location. Do you own a coffee shop, wine store, retail business, restaurant or any type of business that people will walk into? If you do own a business that needs people to walk into your location – you need to create a Google+ Local page! These pages will use your physical address / location as verification.

Google+ Branding pages: If you are a celebrity, public figure, author, website without a physical location, a blog, brand / product with multiple locations (Coke, MAC cosmetics, etc.) you will want to create a branding / business page. These pages will use your website for verification.

Why choose a Google+ Local Page over a Google+ branding / business page?

Google+ Local pages will help you in local searches on Google. This is especially useful with mobile searches! Users who are using their phone to locate a good restaurant, good bar, Doctor’s office, etc … you will be included in these types of searches. Pro tip: Want to rank higher in this type of search? Make sure your customers know they can leave you reviews on Google+. It’s a great way to increase your ranking locally!

Google+ Local pages will also allow you to see where (physical locations) people are coming to your location via the zip code / direction analytics. Pro Tip: This is great for seeing what types of print marketing is working especially if you center it around a specific location of the city. You can also see what keywords people are using to find your page … great information for your posts on this page too!

Tips for creating a great local Google+ local page!

  • Upload great photos of your location. Make sure they are appealing to entice people to come in and check you out!
  • Upload some very short interesting videos. Are you a bar? Show your staff in a video or create a cute cocktail video for people to see. Showcasing demos of a product or service work well too. Keep the video short, fun and moving along!
  • Make sure all information is filled out – Contact information, Store hours (very important!) and parking information if able.
  • Keep your “about” section keyword rich. This does NOT mean to stuff this section with keywords that don’t really talk about your business … keep it natural and easily readable.

Tips for Branding pages!

  • Make sure you have photos uploaded that are visually appealing to your brand
  • Upload videos … not just connecting your YouTube account … but uploading videos separately!
  • Provide contact information via email or phone if able. (Verify your email address)
  • Keep fresh content on this … Google+ is excellent for Google searches and your website content!

Need help or want someone to create your Google+ Local or your Google+ business page? We can help! Contact us or schedule an appointment now!