deal with the devil, small business dealsIt’s the deal of deals … Groupon, Living Social, Yipit, DealsbyGolly …. the list goes on. What are the effects on small businesses? Good or bad?

While a lot of press is given to the bad of utlizing these deals for small businesses, we’d like to focus on the good. Or rather some ideas that might help you get more out of offering those discounts to customers.

The premise to small businesses is of course to obtain more customers, a new set of customers and retain those people into coming back again.

Obtaining More Customers: Getting new people to see your place is where the deal dot com company has their responsibility in this venture. They have the eyes … they’ll get people to see your deal and notice your company. I know I’ve been surprised by new locations based on these deals … some of them I never knew existed. It’s been great discovering new places.

The New Set of Customers: The job of getting people into your door is only half of that deal dot com and half you, the business owner. The deal needs to be thought out. Analyzing your average customer bill to see what people typically spend in your location, then halfing that amount is probably a smart thing to do. Those that are already coming in now may be tempted to bring a guest with them. Now that average bill could become a larger amount due to your offer. New customers as well as an increased bill.

Retaining those people: This is the win … how to you keep those people coming back and how are you getting their data to show them your deals and events beyond using that deal dot com marketing channel. This is the important key to your deal dot com success. Are you getting their email? Are they “liking” your facebook fanpage? Following you on twitter? Subscribing to your newsletter? Before you do any deal dot com … this is a must. How are you going to retain them as your customer.

Of course … someone has even put together a helpful calculator to help you decide if those daily deal marketing channels are for you and your business. You can read about it here: Merchant calculator for daily deal profitability

We hope these few tips help! Of course we always like working with businesses to help work hand in hand with their marketing efforts. Got an idea? Think we can help? Give us an email!