books, content, content creatorWith the end of the year upon us and the beginning of a new year ahead of us, marketing strategies are being or have been revamped. Many companies are on social sites, yet still seem to be struggling with what to post, how to post, what will actually drive revenue to their products and services.

One of the best tips we can give is to start at the foundation of it all — be the content creator. It’s great to read industry magazines and share those industry related articles with your clients, customers and potential customers, but what does your business do? Anyone can ReTweet a story, post a link to someone else’s work … but what does YOUR business or brand have to say on those same subjects?

There was an interesting Content Creation Infographic that was done by Fathom Business Events. It’s a great example of why sharing your company story is so important to a business. Click that previous link to see the full details on storytelling for businesses. Don’t have a lot of time – here are the overview points:

  • Sharing your business story makes you more personal and real
  • Makes an emotional and personal connection to your clients
  • Business stories bring an energy and vibe to your brand
  • Content creation shows your expertise and validates your buisness
  • Stories and content inspire people to action

Content creators are the leaders in social media. Good content and content full of value to the reader is content that gets shared and talked about. Case in point, I just shared with you an infographic that told a story about telling stories … from an event planning company.

Look forward to reading your stories and value provided content!