Closing Sales Using Other People’s Content

Client: Intuitive / Past Life Regressionist with a local office that also works nationally and internationally.


As a solo-preneur that has to provide the service herself, finding time to find and curate content was a struggle. How can she create a social media strategy that allows her to attract her client without creating her own content.


After a discover session and learning about her current client, we set this client up on our entry level package. We found and post content on all her social sites that her typical client would enjoy reading. We also incorporate a little SEO know how in our posts for her so that even her social media posts are working for her on many levels.

By posting content her current and potential customers are interested in, it keeps them engaged within her social sites. Keeping people engaged also keeps her top of mind for repeat customers. The more they learn of her services, the more she’s able to upsell and retain customers for long term retention.

Here is a sample post of this client closing a sale off of engagement on a social media post:

Better yet – we love that this type of work with active engagement from the business owner, didn’t happen with a huge Facebook fan base. Kim has a tight knit community and adds new clients into her social sites for continued engagement.