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This is probably the one question we get a lot of emails on which is the question “Can you use hashtags (#) on Google+”?

Yes, yes you can! As of today’s date, Google+ is making it even more interesting and hashtag friendly! There are 2 ways to add and use hashtags on Google+. The first way is to add the hashtag yourself within your content in the status section of your Google+ post.

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hashtag in post content

Here are some examples of using a hashtag in content when creating your post or updating a status on Google+:

  • 2 ways you can use #hashtags on Google+ to encourage engagement with your #restaurant
  • How to use hashtags on #Google+ to find those on Google+ and in #Colorado

The second way is to let Google decide a hashtag for you! This is the easiest way to use hashtags, but not necessarily the best way. When you create a post either directly on your Google+ page or through a third party app (like hootsuite, buffer or sproutsocial) Google will guess what hashtag it thinks your post is related to. This usually works – however, we’ve seen some hashtags that pop up that are not relevant to the post.

How To Stop Automatic Hashtags

Don’t want Google to decide what hashtags to use for you? No problem – you can fix that in 2 different ways.

Way one: after you post your post and see the hashtags Google created for you, you can delete any irrelevant ones that pop up by hovering your cursor over the hashtag area. Like this!

hashtag hover

Way two: Disable Google+’s ability to created related hashtags for any of your posts … ever. well, until you decide to change it again. Go to your settings after you sign into your Google+ profile here: https://plus.google.com/settings

Then scroll all the way down to the “Hashtag” section and uncheck the box that allows Google+ to select related hashtags for you. Like this:

related hashtag settings

Here’s a little hashtag tip for you, after you post your status and see the hashtags showing up on Google+, click the hashtag and see who else is talking about that same subject. This is great engagement and it’s a great way to find people who are talking about the same thing you just posted. Post a comment on their item, +1 their post and even share that post if the mood strikes.

Just more fun ways to engage and use hashtags on Google+! What are your favorite hashtags to use? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!