linkedIn connectionsJust a quick post to make sure everyone has updated their LinkedIn profile to support the new LinkedIn contacts feature that has started to roll out. Not everyone will automatically get this feature. If you wish to be adventurous and get a head start on your peers / competition, follow this link to the new LinkedIn feature here.

Here are some features I like in the new LinkedIn contacts:

Traveling for business or fun? Meet up with your contacts in those cities! Easily find those in travel destination for real life interactions or re-connecting with old connections. Here is a sample overview of the map feature below.

linkedin contacts map

Your Day:
Your day is a great way for you to remember to reach out to certain people. Remembering a birthday? Want to congratulate that person on their new job or location? It’s set up in “Your Day”. Great networking and relationship building feature!

Sync your calendars:
When you sync your calendars, LinkedIn will pull up the contacts profile at the time of the appointment for you to view. How wonderful is that? Have a birds-eye view of the person you are talking to immediate available to you. Start your conversation off with any of their new achievements and be much more knowledgeable about the person. I call this one a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd of endless “connections”!

There you have it … 3 great reasons to start using the new “Contacts” feature on LinkedIn. There are many more features available in the contacts, I’ve only touched 3, so get in there … experiment and start networking away!

Have you been using it? I would love to read your tips for using this new feature in the comments below!