4 Ways To Increase Facebook Organic Reach

This video was posted on the eJenn Solutions YouTube channel!  Be first to see videos before our blog here by subscribing to our YouTube Channel! For this video we're answering a question that was in the YouTube comments section about Facebook organic reach. Watch the full video about increasing [...]

How To Use a Photo Organizing Service To Help Your Business

In today's blog post, we're going to be looking at how to use a photo organizing service to help your business. We spoke with Rachel Arbuckle, owner of a photo organizing company called 2000 Paces, and overall enthusiastic memorabilia archivist: Jennifer: Hi and welcome to the eJenn Solutions podcast. Today [...]

Creating A Podcast For Your Business

  It’s no surprise that podcasting has seen an explosion of growth in recent years. Even before the pandemic, people were turning to podcasts for their convenience and entertainment factors (Serial is credited as being a game-changer); however, after things shut down due to COVID-19, people needed human connection in [...]

How to Create and Download a Facebook Slideshow Post

Previously we had posted about How to Create a Slideshow Facebook post and we got a bunch of comments on it, which was great! Unfortunately, Facebook has changed up its layout again, so we've updated the Facebook slide show video here and we'll embed it below as well so you [...]

Why is SEO Important and How Does SEO Help My Business?

In today's Agent Solutions blog post, we're going to be looking at why SEO is important and how it can help your business. We spoke with Cory Freitas from DigiWEI on best SEO practices: Jennifer: Hi everyone! I hope everyone is healthy and well. Today I'm really excited because we're going [...]

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