Social Media Work vs. Social Media Strategy

Before posting anything on social media, it’s important to understand the difference between working on social media posts and having a social media strategy. Although on the surface they may seem the same, there are big difference both in costs and results. Social Media Work Essentially, social media work involves [...]

Facebook Live Stats That Will Surprise You!

In the beginning, live streaming was about sharing on-the-spot content and favorite moments. It worked quite well for this purpose and still does. Live videos have also taken on a new role in marketing. They’ve become a powerful tool to reach your target audience. Reasons You Need to Use Facebook [...]

How Much Should You Spend On Social Media

Determining the ROI and value of social media marketing can be tricky. There are many “soft” factors that go into this metric, including new subscribers, new product discoveries, exposure, and connecting with new people. While those factors are tough to quantify, conversions are not. Publishing great content, whether people immediately [...]

Phishing Schemes and Hacks – Information To Know

Hacking and Phishing Schemes seem to be on the rise. This includes more sophisticated efforts from hackers on social media. Getting hacked as a small business or individual can lead to some devastating results. Financial loss, data loss, identity loss and more. I (Jennifer) was hacked in February. While I [...]

How to Verify Your Business Facebook Page!

If you haven’t already done this … hop to it! Verifying your Facebook Business page will allow you to rank higher in searches! It’s also going to become important for trust factors with the consumer. Along with Facebook giving pages a higher ranking with verifications … 3rd party platforms may [...]


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