ejenn solutions qr code, qr codeSince we’ve formed our partnership with The Active Business Network group located out of Denver Colorado for QR Code creation, my head has been swimming with ideas. Most of my ideas surround around ways that small businesses can utilize QR codes for more sales, more promotion of their stores and product awareness.

I really see QR codes taking off this year. In fact, one of my favorite uses that I’ve been told about is Home Depot’s use of QR codes. Not only are they integrading QR codes into their print ads, but they are now placing the codes on their products. This past Christmas, I used QR codes to scan and learn more details about a product I was considering. As you can imagine, during the Christmas shopper rush, staff was limited. I scanned the code, which went to the product site, which answered my question. I bought the item versus waiting another day or going to another store that may have provided me the information I needed to make that purchase.

There are a lot of ways to use QR codes — here are just a few you might consider using in your campaigns or around your brick and mortar location:

1. Use it to point to your location on Foursquare, GoWalla, Yelp … make things easier for people to “check-in” at your establishment.

2. Use it at the end of your power point presentation. Are you a Design Build firm? Point to the rendering of your finished product. Send your contact information into the QR code or simply point them to your company website.

3. Use your code to point to your paypal so they can easily buy that product from you. Where to use that?: Farmer’s Markets, Garage Sales and book sales after a seminar.

4. Use QR codes on the back of your business cards for all your staff. Extremely important for your sales staff!

5. Use it on your For Sale signs: Selling your car? Selling a snowblower? Selling your home? … point to listing information.

With our partnership with The Active Business Network group … we have a QR platform for your business. Tracking ability, report generation and all your mobile marketing on one platform. We’d love to show you a demo of our product! In the meantime — check out eJenn Solutions’s List of services.

What other ideas do you have for QR codes? Have you utilized something that really worked well for you or your company?