how to get local twitter followers

Twitter has always been a favorite platform for me. I can engage quickly with new people and it provides me with so much information quickly. I love how magazines and news sites syndicate their content out to their feed – it provides me with a quick run down of topics they are currently discussing. I also find interesting articles to share when I search twitter using a hashtag search. The latest and best use of Twitter is creating a local twitter strategy for your business: doing this can get your business on page one of Google searches for free. (yes, you read that correctly …. for free excluding your time to compose a tweet)

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How To Get Your Business On Page one of Google for free:

In February 2015 Google and Twitter announced that tweets would be integrated into Google searches! You can read the announcement on Bloomberg by clicking this link.

Since that time, we’ve been seeing some very interesting integration of Twitter being found in Google searches. These ways are important for a local business to consider, because it means you’ll want to consider how you craft your tweets to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Your Twitter Tweets can show up in Google Map Results: Next time you use Google Maps for your next directions … take a look and see how Google is implementing “Tweets nearby” in the results like the example below!

example of tweet on Google Maps
(click image for larger view)

Popular locations are showing up high in Google search results: The next time you try to search on Google with a popular location …. see how twitter results are showing up on page one of Google like our example below!

local twitter follower tweet locations
(click image for larger view)

Hashtag Location Searches: Type in a city, state or country and you’ll likely see the latest Twitter tweets with the same hashtag showing up on Page 1 of Google just like the example below!

how to use location hashtags to show on Google
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These are just 3 ways that you have an opportunity to show up on page one of Google Results for your local area! This also expands out to trending topics …. but never post a tweet that doesn’t relate to a trending topic – Twitter is very good at recognizing mis-use and your tweet will not show up in searches. To read a full list of Twitter guidelines – you can click this link here: Twitter Guidelines