Personalized One on One How To Make Your Own WordPress Site!

Dear small business owner, writer, Etsy Shop Owner, Ebay Seller and future blogger ….

Are you frustrated by the cost of web designers and web developers quotes for a simple self-hosted blogging site? Do the quotes coming in make your vision of your first business go back to the “some day” pile?

I’ve been in your exact spot when I first started as a wine blogger. Not only did I know nothing about wine when I started, I had NO IDEA how to build a website or a blog to start blogging on!! With some help of family and friends, I began to piece together all the tools to create a simple blog that started generating views to my work!

This took hours and hours as I Googled simple terms like “What is a pluggin?” and “What is an FTP file?” and “What the heck is a c-panel?” … the hours I spent learning, is what creates this class. I’ve gotten this process down to 2 hours for a basic site!

Basic means that you’ll be able to start blogging and getting your content out to the world. As you go along in your business process, you’ll be able to customize your site, create a more customized experience and grow!!

This is the “start today” program so why wait any longer? It’s just 2 hours!

If you’ve always wanted to start your own business, sell your own products or begin to write that masterpiece novel – this course is JUST for you!

Don’t spend thousands of dollars for someone else to set up your wordpress website! Create your initial site or blog on your own in as little as 2 hours!

What you’ll get in my personal one on one screen sharing class:

– Help buying your domain name
– Help setting up your hosting account
– Learn how to set-up wordpress on your new hosting account
– We’ll show you how to easily design your site using templates
– We’ll provide and show you how to upload Thesis framework
– Plugin suggestions provided for best use on a starter site
– Two, 30 minute follow up calls the next week (or day of your choice) to review and answer any questions you have!



  1. This course comes with Thesis framework (Value $89)
  2. This course comes with your choice of 1 wordpress Thesis Skin template (Value $77)
  3. This course comes with our list of plugins you can easily upload and use to begin your site (we’ll show you how to set these up!


We also provide a list of wordpress vendors who can assist you when the time is right to upgrade and make your wordpress site customized or fix any issues you may incur as you work.

We will be doing this course once a month every Wednesday! (if you need another date – contact us what works and we will try and arrange our schedule to accommodate)

One on One Personal WordPress Coaching is $497 for the class

… and an additional 1 hour (split into two 30 minute sessions) follow up to answer any questions you may have as you begin your process!

Purchase Your WordPress Private Class Here: