Should You Post Your Instagram Photos to Twitter? (Cross-posting)

As small business owners and entrepreneurs – we’re always looking for ways to streamline our processes and increase efficiency in everything we do. Many times when I’m asked to do an audit of a company’s social media sites for recommendations – I usually always find companies cross posting their content [...]

The Social Media Platforms We Love and Use!

Everyone is always looking for ways to make to make posting to social media a little easier for themselves. If you are a small business owner not yet ready to invest in employee time to this medium of marketing or you’re trying to do everything yourself – using platforms are [...]

How Many Hashtags Should You Use On Instagram?

How many hashtags does it take to get noticed on Instagram? This is one of the questions I hear over and over. Not only am I asked this question repeatedly, but I myself have monitored how my posts do with a lot or a little amount of hashtags in them. [...]

What 167 People Said About Twitter Direct Messages!

Sometimes it’s hard to know what you read about using social media for business will actually work for your business. There are many ideas floating around out there and you can read about a particular idea that someone utilized in their online marketing that worked really great for them and [...]

How To Increase Your Twitter Stats!

Looking for ways to increase your tweet views, engagement and followers? Awesome, you came to the right place! First things first … if you want to increase your followers by millions in 30 days,this is NOT the post for you. This Twitter tip is for those businesses interested in engaging, [...]


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