Not All Facebook Pages Are Created Equal

Are you posting content to multiple Facebook pages? It's easy to get into a flow and just post content to get content up on a site. This is especially true for those of us that have so many things going on. Business owners running multiple businesses or even being an [...]

Cheating The Consumer

It never fails, the request for a marketer to get 20,000 Facebook likes within 30 days or 25,000 twitter followers in 15 days. Can this be done? ... sure! Will I do it for someone? No. When those type of requests would come my way, I used to politely educate [...]

Deal Dot Com’s vs. Small Business

It's the deal of deals ... Groupon, Living Social, Yipit, DealsbyGolly .... the list goes on. What are the effects on small businesses? Good or bad? While a lot of press is given to the bad of utlizing these deals for small businesses, we'd like to focus on the good. [...]


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