When Customers Attack!

7 Hours & counting with no response from @British_Airways. Guess they don't care about customer service or Twitter, LOL—  (@HVSVN) September 3, 2013 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsOf course by now you’ve probably heard all about the guy who promoted a British Airline tweet. Not only is his story in the news, but [...]

Boost Your LinkedIn Network With The New LinkedIn Contacts!

Just a quick post to make sure everyone has updated their LinkedIn profile to support the new LinkedIn contacts feature that has started to roll out. Not everyone will automatically get this feature. If you wish to be adventurous and get a head start on your peers / competition, follow [...]

How To Get Your App On The Top 10 In The Apple Store

Everyone wants to have their app reach the top charts in Apple’s app store. Lots of media dollars are spent to achieve this. What does it take to get on the top charts? Here’s information and an infographic from Trademob to show you how! Getting your app ranking in the [...]

What Is a Hashtag And How Do I Use It?

If you are just getting your feet wet with social media you may read or hear the term “Hashtags”. Many people hear it, but are often not sure what it is, what it does and how to use them! What are hashtags – the short history: The hashtag was originally [...]

Don’t Forget to Love Your Website!

As I see clients become successful on Facebook, there is an interesting switch that I see happen. They become so excited at the new fanbase and seem to focus on all aspects of their new found “likers” on their business pages. We’re always excited to see Facebook pages take off, [...]


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