Soon You Can Shop Right On Google Hangouts!

Well if this isn’t a blend of everything fantastic! It’s one thing to see a favorite photo of clothes for sale on Pinterest or on a website … but now … you can take the video experience into a direct sale! Google showcased what I think is going to be [...]

Looking Good On Skype or Google Hangouts!

The world is becoming a smaller place! While I love the filtering capabilities that social sites are now providing us when we upload our photos to share with the world … we’re still left with the harsh realities of HD video and creepy webcam’s. If you have done any amount [...]

Short Reference Sheet for Google+

Getting started on Google+? It’s a whole different look and feel and very honestly for me, it was a bit intimidating. Why? Because Google is the #1 search and website tool used by the world. I wondered and worried about how my content and personal life might be integrated into [...]

What Your Favorite Social Site Says About You!

For a little fun today – I thought I would share with you an infographic created by digital information world called – What your favorite social site says about you! So, think about the site you use and gravitate to the most and read the following infographic below! Created by [...]

How To Embed A Facebook Video On Your Blog

Happy 10th Anniversary Facebook! Did everyone get that great video montage of your photos and posts that you shared over the years? If not – you can get your own copy here: (Assuming you have a Facebook Profile) Did you know you can embed that video in a blog [...]


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