Don’t Say “Walk Of Shame Last Night?” In Your Facebook Ad!

Over the past few months I’ve been hearing grumblings, sad stories and unhappiness as restaurant and bar owners are having their Facebook pages “banned”. Why was my business page banned? How do I un-ban it? What did I do to get my business page banned? Why can’t I run Facebook [...]

10 Tips For A Great LinkedIn Business Page

Have a business page on LinkedIn and want to make it go from good to great? Now you can learn tips directly from the 10 best LinkedIn Company pages from 2012! There are some very easy things you can do to create a better page! Top 10 Tips from Best [...]

How To Make An Image Clickable!

Do you have an image that you want to place on your blog or website that when the image is clicked, it takes the user to a specific blog post or another website / blog? Creating a clickable image is great for ads in WordPress blogs in the sidebar. Or [...]

George Takei Nailed It!

I’m sure by now if you’ve spent any time on Facebook you’ve seen the smiling face of George Takei pop up at some point in your newsfeed. You either are a fan of his page or your sphere of friends are and they’re sharing his posts with you. You can’t [...]

Google + is Making it Easier For Brands!

Some new developments to share with everyone regarding Google+ Branding pages. They now allow the brand to interact with personal individuals. Previously, this was set up the same as Facebook; only branding pages could interact with other branding pages. Now, it seems Google has allowed branding pages to interact with [...]


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