Social Media To Grow Your Business

Many times when you're starting out in your business, there is a need for every entrepreneur to work on a shoe string budget. Social media inevitably gets put into that category! You post on your own social sites, why would your business sites be any different? But. They. Are ... [...]

Facebook Addresses Fake News with Photo Change!

Facebook addresses fake news (and really click bait issues too) with their new photo, headline and description change coming up on July 17th! You'll no longer be able to customize your posts and others won't as well. If you haven't already heard or made your web developer aware, Facebook is [...]

Best Time To Post on Facebook!

We get this question a lot:  What's the best time to post on Facebook? More specifically, what is the best time to post on your Facebook Business page so I'll reach the most people! Most people will send you to an article filled with stats that tell you the best [...]


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